Efficient & reliable

Engineering lies at the very heart  of our services forming the core approach ensuring outputs that are reliable, economical, and efficient.

Engineering design

Construction (works) supervision

Architecture & Engineering (AE)

Project & contract management

Planning and assessment


Feasibility and budget studies

Construction management

Tendering documentation

Technical specifications


Precise & hands-on

Bringing together precisely the expertise that works for you, with you. 

Project lifecycle management

Tendering and project procurement

Reporting & documentation

Monitoring and evaluation (ME)

Third party monitoring (TPM)

Feasibility studies

Due diligence

Spot checks & assessments

Management verifications

Contract & claim management

Dispute avoidance, adjudication, settlement



We take into account every aspect in a longitudinal manner



We are fully committed to your needs and act as part of your team


Our systematic approach ensures efficient use of all resources and inputs


Practically wise

Helps shaping the industry and the professional culture

With the main objective to go beyond being a company to become an industrial institution, we consider sharing of knowledge and experience as one of our main responsibilities towards society. 

We believe what we have to share must be a synthesis of most recent information, common industry practice, and extensive experience to help others best. For this reason, we work with seasoned, and whenever required, accredited trainers in the specific domain. 

We currently deliver following training modules:

Contract management (construction, supervision, supply, and services)

Public procurement & tendering procedures (PRAG, WB, EBRD, ADB)

Project programming and planning